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Automated Data Management for Housing

Harmonise all of your existing data, from any source, and create your organisation’s single version of the truth​

From data as a problem to data as an opportunity

Data is going to be a housing provider’s greatest asset. With Illumar, data has the potential to identify efficiencies and unlock major cost savings.

The current challenge is that the operational needs of the business mean that the sources and quantity of data collected outstrips the ability of current systems to unify and organise this data into a “single version of the truth”.

Rather than ushering in an age of opportunity, data has become an expensive liability.

But the potential of data is still there. It’s just hidden beneath a mountain of incompatible systems and manual processes. It’s not too late to fix it.


Keeping pace and keeping control

The complexity of social housing means there are necessarily many systems, consequently many data formats and currently many manual processes as organisations try to make sense of the data.

As regulation of the industry and technology enables this complexity is only going to increase.

To centrally control operational systems and minimise manual processes will only lead to soaring development costs and time over runs as operational innovation and regulation will consistently outstrip the capacity of IT departments and system providers to produce a “single version of the truth”.

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