Meet the Board of Illumar

Our Board of Directors have decades of knowledge and expertise in housing and technology.

Board of directors

Paul Kennedy

Paul is the Chairman of Inprova Group and has a strong reputation for developing companies successfully across a wide variety of sectors. Since joining Inprova in February 2008, he steered the company through rapid growth in the housing sector, guided by a focus on organisational culture and an understanding of the customer. Paul’s awareness in these areas is key to the success of Illumar.

Steve Malone

Steve M has over 30 years experience working with the Public Sector across health, welfare and housing, Steve has the role of Group CEO and has been with Inprova Group since 2008. As an accomplished business leader, he has an obsession for helping customers to overcome business challenges, improve performance and drive a positive impact. He has a keen focus on how people, innovation, technology and the use of data can combine to drive positive outcomes for both business and society through value based partnerships across the private, public and third sector – an approach that is essential to Illumar.

Steve Aitken

Steve A has more than 30 years experience of leading businesses that design and deliver systems and processes to improve productivity and deliver high quality reliable results to a broad range of clients. A large proportion of his career has been spent working on data systems for healthcare. With an engineering background and entrepreneurial flair and business skills and experience, Steve is one of the driving forces behind Illumar. He is also Chairman of Insource and one of the founder directors.

Graham Bennett

Graham also comes from Insource and is also a founder director who has worked across many industries, nationally and internationally. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector, particularly health. Graham specialises in working with organisations to use technology to streamline operations – and deliver the best possible business outcomes. At Illumar, he’s applying his know-how to replicate this success for housing providers. 


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