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4 ways to get started

1. Understand your current data maturity and measures to improve this

Most journeys work best when you know where you are and where you want to get to. Contact us for a free, no obligation review of your current situation with one of our housing data consultants. From advising on becoming more data driven to improving data quality speak in confidence with a consultant who knows housing and who will be able to determine where you are and the best next steps for your organisation.

2. Automate your statistical data return

The housing regulators act on behalf of the tenants in determining the trust they should place in the operations of a housing organisation being efficient and effective. The SDR being an annual measure of performance becomes a key exhibit and precious analytical time should be spent on understanding the insights from the data rather than pulling the report together. Find out how we can automate this important task with our SDR App or read our case study with For Housing here.

3. Create one version of the truth for your performance indicators

Having a single version of performance indicators, together with measures of what is known and not known in the business allows the development of a data driven culture within the business, provides assurance that there is auditable evidence behind performance measures and allows focus on real performance and costs rather than data.

4. Gather, transform and unify your key data for the Building Safety Bill

We will also be able to understand upon discussion of your aspirations and business planning how best to align the reporting layer into other targets and requirements for onward evaluation and development.

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Our customers: CEOs, FDs and other executives. Typically, our engagements are sponsored at Board level