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Game-changing data enterprise solution, delivered in weeks

At Illumar, we understand the complex data challenges faced by the housing sector. We can help you to begin to solve them in as little as 4 weeks with our Housing Data Enterprise solution that works with your existing systems.

Our Data solution solves critical data problems within social housing – by consuming data from your systems and presenting it in a unified and consolidated format as your trusted single source of the truth. We do this with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and consistency through state-of-the-art technology.

You’ll accelerate your digital transformation, achieving greater financial and operational efficiencies with greater levels of compliance to the benefit and wellbeing of your residents.

Our Data Enterprise solution is already used by 20 public sector organisations – with more housing providers coming on board every month.

data enterprise solution

Housing challenges

Data challenges for housing providers. The most common data issues: Do you recognise any of them?

How Illumar works

Your data management journey. Our solution can be used with virtually any housing system

Key benefits

Advantages for your housing organisation. Let's reduce risk and drive up performance and service