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Implementation of HACT data standards

Industry data standards provide a firm foundation for data integration and data governance. Since 2018 HACT has been jointly building these standards with the housing sector for the housing sector.

This has developed model dataflows and coding standards together with a series of use cases for data derived along the standardised processes. In total over 100 housing organisations have been involved in the development of these standards.

Implementing these standards across multiple operational housing systems is more problematic due to the differing architecture and data models within these systems.

Using Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise source data can be gathered transformed and presented to the unified data layer to enable reporting against these standards. One feature of the underlying product is the View-IT module which provides an excellent method of presenting complex data structures in an easily understood and consumable form.

Managing the content of views however is a major challenge, especially as the volume of data views grows, by delivering a capability that leverages the generic SQL Server View functionality in a managed environment. The content of the views is centrally managed providing a single point of maintenance.

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