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Go from Data to Insight to Action with Confidence

Every housing provider has an enormous amount of data residing in multiple core and associated systems such as Housing management systems, finance systems, asset management systems, CRM solutions etc. The quality of the data is often poor and across all of the systems there are limited data standards.

This data is extremely valuable and critical for the smooth and efficient running of a housing providers business. This data is required for many things. Extracting and making use of this data requires an Enterprise Data Management solution.

Every Housing Organisation is Unique

When it comes to data management every provider will have a unique set of requirements, a unique combination of housing software solutions, and unique system configurations individually tailored to their needs.  With nuances specific to your way of operating and the reports and analytics specific for your requirements.

As such, each housing providers typically build an array of integrators, or have work around business solutions often in Excel and ultimately perceive they require a custom-built data solution.

But, without near-unlimited resources, custom built, one-off in-house or 3rd party developed solutions often fall short of what is needed.

A Housing Solution Tailored to your Needs

Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise solution is unique in being able to offer ‘out-of-the box’ functionality, whilst providing in-product levels of individual configuration and customisation to meet the most exacting requirements.

A Complementary Solution

Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise is a highly configurable enterprise scale data management solution for Housing. Integrating with any combination of housing and finance systems from which it consumes data and presents it as a single source of prepared, cleansed and structured unified data.

With a developing range of data applications Housing Data Enterprise is an essential complementary solution that co-exists alongside your main housing systems.

Data Quality and Automation

Our Housing Data Enterprise solution provides an end-to-end process of consuming data from source systems and presenting it in the Unified Data layer (UDL) and is totally automated. This process deals with thousands of data types consisting of billions of individual data items.

Our solution uses this prepared and certified data in ways that are highly relevant to housing organisations that provide valuable and insightful information, as well as to systems that process data for ongoing use.

With the capability to configure to exacting requirements and specific nuances, expandable and customisable to meet all structured data processing requirements and operating in a totally automated mode, it is able to provide massive improvements in data quality and data processing. This improves efficiency, provides regulatory conformance, reduces costs and provides outputs and information that a housing providers staff can act on to improve performance and provide for better tenant experience at lower costs.

A Single Source of Auditable Data

Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise framework contains a rules engine, data quality modules, complex data handling and data management components, to bring together at an enterprise level a set of unified data, derived from the data that resides in your operational systems.

The output is a single trusted source of data, totally managed, referenced and auditable. This data is presented in the Unified Data Layer and is the single source of trusted data for all ongoing data requirements.

Deepen Your Data Insight

Illumar’s applications layer provides functionality and flexibility beyond any other housing data management product on the market today. The applications layer is where the data is put to use, and value is created. We are continuously developing a suite of integrated housing modules that will synchronise and connect with the unified data layer providing functionality such as:

Automated statutory and non-statutory returns

Reporting, analytics and predictive analytics capability

Compliance dashboards

Performance management tools

Future Proofing

No data management product will cover every aspect of an organisation’s requirements in relation to the width of data and the requirements for that data as an off-the-shelf-product.

The Housing Data Enterprise expansion module provides the ability to undertake unprecedented levels of local configuration, the additional of further data sources, data fields and business rules in order to meet the most exacting needs demanded by your organisation.