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Becoming a Data Driven Business

The need to turn data into insightful information is a key objective for housing providers striving to improve efficiency, lower costs and improve strategic decision-making, to improve and gain competitive edge.

Organisations with large volumes of complex, disparate structured data, of higher complexity than other sectors, are usually those where the greatest benefits can be derived from leveraging their data. But they also have the greatest challenge in planning and implementing successful data strategies.

Where do we start?

It is a difficult question to answer and the thought process may go something like this: “What are we trying to achieve? What is the end game? Where are we now? What resources and capabilities do we have available? There are so many interplaying factors, strategically, operationally and technically, we need to do something, but what do we do?” The business leaders struggle to understand the technology and the technologists often struggle to get clarity around the business goals. All organisations are, to varying degrees, facing the same dilemma. As experts in enterprise data management solutions, we are constantly being asked the question, “How do I start?”.

As these questions are challenging, many organisations shy away from them, and the project is then left to the technical staff to ‘just work it out’.

This approach often results in:

Higher risk of failure

Disappointment with the end result

Delays in delivery and scope creep

A solution that is not embedded in the business and then is often never used in the way it was perceived

Helping you get there

Illumar has created a set of business services that assist senior executives, non-technical staff and technical staff in building deliverable plans that everyone can contribute to and everyone understands.

Our proven methodology facilitates the process of defining objectives, quantifying the resources and assets available and determining the best way to achieve maximum business benefit with least cost and risk – all within defined timescales.