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Your Single Source of Truth

Data challenges are an exponentially expanding but a common problem across the housing sector. By supporting housing providers to solve these data problems, Illumar can help providers improve business performance and enhance the homes and communities that their residents live in.

Find clarity when you need it most

We take data from multiple systems, process this data through our housing data framework and present this data in a Unified Data Layer – your single source of the truth.

Dedicated to the housing sector Illumar aims to mitigate risk and cost and drive improvements in business performance through effective data management.

A Common Data Challenge

“Integrity of data is fundamental and permits good board decision-making. Failure to manage data integrity risk is indicative of a poor control framework…..Erroneous data can be costly to fix and can damage the reputation of an individual provider…… Accurate data will assist in areas such as compliance….and in the preparation of KPIs. “

“….the regulator has called into question the integrity of providers’ data.……Failure to provide timely and accurate data will be reflected in the judgement”

(The Regulator for Social Housing, 2020)

I think your figures are wrong……..I am sure mine are right…….Where did yours come from…..

The housing sector has a common data problem but every provider is trying to resolve their own challenge independently. Illumar has developed a powerful solution that will enable the Housing Sector resolve their increasingly common data challenges, resulting in significant reductions in organisational risk and cost.

Transform your data with Illumar

Deliver confidence

Increase trust and confidence in your organisations data through developing a single version of the truth.

Insight and decision making

By improving the quality of your data you can better understand the existing and predicted needs of your residents, your performance and ultimately make better decisions.

Improve your organisations performance

By leveraging your data assets across the business you can improve customer service, asset performance and service delivery.

Achieve powerful results by harnessing your data

Illumar is a solution designed to meet all housing organisations’ data needs. This is delivered through our Housing Data Enterprise framework that creates a single unified set of data to support the improvement of processes and performance across any housing organisation. Creating consistent, accurate and timely data Illumar supports statutory reporting, performance dashboards, business intelligence (BI), analytics and any downstream data use.

In essence it will be your single source of truth.