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Case Studies

case studies


For Housing is a 24,000 property housing association in the North West of England. Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise product was selected to automate data preparation from the housing, asset management and finance systems and to provide such data to a unified data layer. The unified data layer has been used to automate the preparation of a key regulatory return the annual Statistical Data Return which can now be run automatically saving significant time in a small but busy data services team.

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The Regenda Group

The Regenda Group

Regenda is a 12,000 property housing association in England who have been investing in new technology and ways of working to improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction levels. One of the main aims of their strategy is to create ‘one version of the truth’ for data which is displayed in all performance and operational reporting across Regenda. This move will help Regenda operate more efficiently as a business and ensure that all reports across the entire business are reporting from a single source of data. To help us achieve their objectives, Regenda bought a data management platform, Housing Data Enterprise, from Illumar. This low-code platform is used to handle their data records and apply many processes and routines to assist in the data quality and transformation of data which it handles.

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