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Our customers

Through our experience in providing services to housing organisations, we understand the increasing data challenges that housing providers face today.

The common challenges our customers face are:

A number of non-connected data sources from which you need to abstract key regulatory or performance data

Dealing with the consequences of previous mergers with embedded legacy systems still in place

Smaller organisations without the specialised IT resources to implement and maintain data management solutions without recourse to expensive third party providers

Larger organisations embarking on major digital transformation looking for a self-service model to unlock the potential of the data sat siloed in their organisation

In common they all need a powerful enterprise data management solution, but they do not want to spend on bespoke systems or solutions that could take up to 17 months to deploy with no guarantee of results.

We offer customers a proven alternative that achieves key objectives across the organisation in a way that’s quicker and simpler. Our core solution is now used by over 20 public sector organisations – with more joining them every month. 


Project ownership

Typically, our engagements are sponsored by the Board – and owned by CEOs, Financial Directors, Transformation Directors or CIO/CTOs. Now viewed as a key part of digital transformation, data management has risen towards the top of the boardroom agenda, as leaders look to address corporate risk, efficiency and performance. Data management impacts the future of every organisation – and so demands Board sponsorship.

Who else is on the project team?

This depends on the structure of each housing organisation. Executives that lead business transformation/innovation and business intelligence need to be involved, alongside heads of IT and those responsible for data management and new IT services.

The project team may also include leaders in operations, asset management, repairs, health & safety, customer care, and risk/compliance. Each function will be facing specific data challenges already – and will gain major benefits.

Other factors that may be relevant

Aside from a corporate focus on digital transformation, providers may also be facing other challenges, such as organisational mergers, regulatory changes and data-related issues receiving intense media scrutiny. Our solution can provide what’s needed at critical moments.

Our approach

Working together, we build deliverable plans that everyone can contribute to, understand and measure against agreed goals and timelines.


Case studies

About us

We're on a mission to help housing providers. We believe the power of many is better than going it alone

What we do

Housing data needs a reboot and fresh approach. That's exactly what we've achieved with Illumar


Game-changing solutions, delivered at speed and scale. Let's solve your data challenges in as little as 4 weeks