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We're on a mission to help housing providers

Housing providers will undoubtedly know the current and future cost of hosting the data in their organisation but will have less understanding of the cost of managing using bad, dirty, inaccurate or missing data.

At a time when data volumes are experiencing exponential growth and show no signs of abating, it comes as no surprise that astute organisations are turning their attention to data management and analytics as a means to not only reduce the cost of bad data but also to mitigate the risks.

Housing providers often believe their data requirements and issues are unique – and they try to solve them independently. But in reality, the policy framework and codes of governance are the same and so the data  challenges are the same. This is a huge waste of time, resources and money – and a lost opportunity to make a difference.

Housing providers

At Illumar, we believe the power of many is better than going it alone

So we’ve made it possible for every housing provider to find an answer, quickly and simply, regardless of their core technology.

As a data management business, we deliver a complete data infrastructure solution specifically for social housing providers.

We take all of your existing data, from any source, and create your organisation’s single version of the truth automatically and in real-time. And this comes without the costs, risks and complexity of a bespoke solution.

What we do

Housing data needs a reboot and fresh approach. That's exactly what we've achieved with Illumar


Game-changing solutions, delivered at speed and scale. Let's solve your data challenges in as little as 4 weeks

Board of Directors

Meet the management team at Illumar. Our Board has decades of knowledge and expertise