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Supporting data migration to a new system

The adoption of a new housing systems will undoubtedly bring benefits in terms of functionality but will highlight inherent data quality issues.

In Illumar’s experience there is often little recognition of underlying data problems until after the data migration project has commenced if using perceived ‘off the shelf’ or bundled solutions.

Addressing this subsequently requires:

High levels of internal resource

Manual repetitive processing

Engagement of external contractors and expensive interim consultants

For example, it is often only on connecting the old source to the new source that coding designed to overcome deficiencies in the old source data i.e. workarounds become apparent. This is likely locked-down as it would have been created by developers who are no longer available and troubleshooting to find coding issues will be a maze to negotiate.

This situation presents a suitable opportunity for Illumar to work collaboratively with you to utilise the capabilities of the Housing Data Enterprise platform.

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