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Your data management journey

We solve data management challenges for housing providers in a way that's cost-effective and replicable across the sector - with no-one bearing undue costs or risks. Housing Data Enterprise is our automated, proven and productised solution that will work with virtually all existing housing systems. Put simply, it takes their data, processes it and provides a single source of the truth - which you can feed back into your business to solve your data challenges and use to create value.

Starting the journey to creating a Data Powered Culture in your organisation

As in any journey this starts with knowing where you are and where you want to get to. Housing data enterprise can help you get there. 

Knowing where you are

We understand the pressures of dealing with large volumes of complex and disparate data in the social housing sector. And we know how to solve them.

We take a collaborative approach

We’ve created a suite of fixed price, time-limited targeted assessments to quickly diagnose the root cause of the data management issue and agnostic solution options.

This collaborative approach brings together your key stakeholders in building deliverable plans that everyone can contribute to and understand.

Data consultancy services

Data strategy

Data maturity

Data quality frameworks, including data cleansing, audits and migration

Data compliance, including GDPR, regulatory and legal, and training

Data governance and risk mitigation

Data insight and business analytics

Together, we can define and deliver what your users and decision-makers actually need, rather than heading for scope creep and disappointment. You'll take another important step forward towards becoming a data-driven business, bringing your people with you and working within defined budgets and timescales.

Housing data expertise to target specific needs

Is your housing organisation facing a specific data challenge that’s impacting risk, cost or strategic decision-making? If so, then our experienced consultancy team can help.

Knowing where you are might be a sufficient insight for your organisation or you might want to take the next step.

Knowing where you want to get to

Dependent on the business problem you want to solve will determine our proposed solution. Typically this might be expressed simply as too much time spent preparing reports or discovering different data silos have different definitions of “what is a void property” or “are we compliant with our gas safety records.” Or you might want to understand some more fundamental truths for your organisation such as what really drives customer satisfaction. In each case our technology is the enabler to the problem you want to solve.

Our Data Management Platform Housing Data Enterprise can enable you taking this next step and deliver the functionality you need.

How our technology enables your solution

From this

Typical stacks of technology

Each component block is independent and sustained through hard coded connectors making any change to components resource heavy

The BI/Reporting solution is either sustained through ad-hoc Excel work-arounds or by coding into the reporting software. Creating reports and implementing any change to requirements is resource heavy

Business rules are mismatched, lost or compromised: there is no single version of the truth e.g. ask each department “what is a void?”

To this

Building a true Data Management Environment

Incorporate a Housing Specific Data Management Platform

Provides a “single version of the truth” for all operational and reporting systems - eliminate work arounds and spreadsheets

Automate SDR and Board Reporting

Enables component blocks of the Operational or Reporting Layer systems to be replaced or added post-merger without data migration issues - it is agnostic on the source or reporting systems

How Illumar’s Housing Data Enterprise platform can weave the Golden Thread in 5 steps

Step 1

Extracting your data

Housing Data Enterprise is system agnostic. It extracts data from any or all of your organisation’s housing, assets, finance, and other core systems without replacing them.

Step 2

Processing your data

Our solution consolidates, validates, improves and enriches data. Its framework contains a rules engine, data quality modules, complex data handling and data management components. Our solution can process thousands of data types, consisting of billions of individual data items.

Note: Some business intelligence (BI) tools are able to manipulate data. But the sheer volume of data that housing providers deal with on a day-to-day basis require a more robust, automated and scalable approach - which Illumar provides.

Step 3

Presenting your data

Housing Data Enterprise masters everything into a single source of prepared, cleansed and structured unified data. We call this a UNIFIED DATA LAYER (UDL). It's packed with valuable insights into your business. Each certified and standardised data item is only held once.

Step 4

Using your data

The trustworthy UDL data is ready to use in any internal or external systems you use. These can include reports, analytics dashboards, self-service BI, artificial intelligence (AI) and for data warehousing.

Step 5

Gaining extra value

The solution's rules engine can be configured locally to meet the most exacting data needs demanded by your organisation. In addition, Illumar is developing a suite of ready-to-use, housing-dedicated applications that will take you further, faster.

Our application roadmap covers:

Automated statutory and non-statutory data returns

Compliance dashboard

Performance and risk management

Board reporting and analytics tools

What else is good to know?

Housing Data Enterprise can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise to suit your needs. Implementation involves data mapping which takes around 4 weeks and then you can then link Housing Data Enterprise to your systems as well as adding new applications. We can offer this as a managed service or just provide you with the tools to self serve.

Easy to add more data sources

The underlying development platform is called Data Academy. Data Academy comprises a range of modules which build the data extraction, transformation and loading processes and then automates it. There is also an expansion module which, for example, allows combination of further data sources such as those from the products of a merger.

Solution is modular and future-proof

You can access unique insights to support strategic decision making by adding even more sources of data. It’s possible to create local, regional and national datasets – as well as adding novel data, such as socio-economic indices, health, care, credit, asset, weather, seasonal and other events to gain a new level of understanding of your operations.

System upgrade issues avoided

Because of Illumar’s standard architecture and business rule management, you can apply updates or modify underlying platforms, such as an upgrade to operational housing systems, without needing to recode all the interfaces. Our solution has the ability to extract data from any source system in any format. We’ll support every step of your digital transformation journey.

Collaborative approach

Illumar provides a cloud-based client portal that allows you to access updates easily and share your experiences with other customers.

Data challenges

Spending by housing providers on software, systems and consultancy runs into hundreds of millions of pounds

Meeting the requirements of the Building Safety Bill

Social landlords must manage their assets to address safety issues, empowering staff to accurately record and manage data about assets should be the priority for social landlords

On merging and data cultures

Cultural fit and certainty of delivering benefits is a key challenge when looking at whether a social housing landlord should merge or remain independent