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Supporting a merger of housing associations

Realising the opportunities from a merger presents a significant risk to organisations in maintaining effective governance through the transition to the new organisation. Business critical data will be held on different systems with different architectures making it difficult to maintain effective reporting post merger.

Maintaining continuity of reporting is therefore a critical business risk

Housing Data Enterprise provides a solution. It provides an easily configurable capability to unify data from all pre-existing source systems and we have proven track record of all regulatory reporting being maintained immediately post-merger in one of the biggest mergers of public sector bodies in the UK in recent years. 

By taking data and transforming into a standard unified format means this process is easy to manage, subsidiaries can be held accountable for data quality and performance and ultimately source systems can be replaced when there is a business reason for doing so rather than as a result of the merger.


No data management product will cover every aspect of an organisation’s requirements in relation to the width of data and the requirements for that data as an off-the-shelf-product.

A core design feature for Housing Data Enterprise was that it would not be a fixed format product suite, it needed to be able to change, adapt and grow throughout the whole of its lifecycle and not just at implementation. It also needed to be expandable beyond the boundaries of the core product.

The underlying technology of Housing Data Enterprise is the Data Academy Data Operating System. The combination of two Data Academy Core components; the Data Academy Builder and the Data Academy Designer have been combined together to create the Housing Data Enterprise Expansion Module.

This Housing Data Enterprise expansion module provides the ability to undertake unprecedented levels of local configuration within the boundaries of the Housing Data Enterprise suite in order to meet the most exacting needs demanded by a client.

The expansion module will allow for unlimited expansion of Housing Data Enterprise beyond the core product. Allowing for the addition of elements such as data sources, data fields, business rules as well as data content and structure within the UDL.

The expansion module enables the same level of capability for the applications in the Housing Data Enterprise Applications Layer as well as the capability to create new applications.

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