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Advantages for your housing organisation

With Illumar, you can solve your data challenges and accelerate your digital transformation - without the costs, risks and complexity of trying to develop in-house, bespoke data management solutions.

Get past today's data challenges

With Illumar and our Housing Data Enterprise solution you can stop data management issues from eating up valuable resources, slowing down your business processes, impairing decision-making and creating serious corporate risk. Now you’ve got trustworthy data that empowers your business to thrive. What’s more, automation at every level will free up key staff to do more valuable work elsewhere.

Transform quickly and cost-effectively

With Illumar’s productised, plug-and-play approach, you can be up and running typically within a few months – rather than the 17 months that’s typical with a bespoke industry solution. Our solution costs a fraction of the £500,000-plus normally paid within the industry. To optimise both strategy and operations, IT and data specialists need to work alongside business decision makers to implement a data-driven culture, to promote data sharing best practices and to develop clear data management and data governance policies. Our modular, adaptable solution enables this and gives you the freedom to follow your own roadmap.


Avoid being held hostage to your legacy systems

The technology works collaboratively with existing legacy operational systems and so de-risks the implementation of change within your organisation enabling you to change those components of your information ecosystem that require changing without having to change other things that don’t need changing.

Drive up business performance

Accurate and timely data gives your team a new sense of confidence and deeper insights – enabling smarter decision-making, greater efficiency and increased productivity. You can better understand the current and predicted needs of your operation using essential analytics. In turn, this means you can improve performance, sharpen services and enable better tenant experiences at lower cost.


Game-changing solutions, delivered at speed and scale. Let's solve your data challenges in as little as 4 weeks

Our customers

Our customers: CEOs, FDs and other executives. Typically, our engagements are sponsored at Board level

How Illumar works

Your Data Management Journey. Our solution can be used with virtually any housing system