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What we do

Data needs a reboot. The way in which the systems are being built and implemented needs a rethink. Its needs a fresh approach, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Illumar.

We’ve created an automated data management solution, built specifically for housing. It will intelligently harmonise all of your existing data, from any source, and create your organisation’s single version of the truth, automatically, efficiently, and without messy workarounds.

Our data management solution is currently used by major public sector organisations, which gives us the confidence that we will lead you away from today’s world of disparate, inconsistent data, to a single, unified version from across all your housing systems. Our solution eliminates manual processes, reduces cost, and gives your leadership the peace of mind that their data won’t lead to a colossal corporate failure or a human tragedy.

It all starts with a simple conversation. If data is holding your organisation back from offering efficient, safe, and trusted services to your residents, then we need to talk. You could be just one step away from solving your data worries and using data to give you the advantage, as you always intended.

Data management solution

About us

We're on a mission to help housing providers. We believe the power of many is better than going it alone

Board of Directors

Meet the management team at Illumar. Our Board has decades of knowledge and expertise


Game-changing solutions, delivered at speed and scale. Let's solve your data challenges in as little as 4 weeks